Advisory Board Crystal


Advisory Board Crystal’s NBA capsule is completely unique and entirely representative of the brand’s DNA. Abc set out to create a collection of apparel and accessories designed around the fictitious 31st team, the “Fantasies”.  The “Fantasies” team was inspired by the idea that basketball is for everyone and the expansive collection offers something for everyone who is inspired by the game.


Advisory Board Crystals aspire to be more than a brand; we aim to be a cultural catalyst that strives to bridge the gap between art, philosophy, and contemporary fashion. The brand believes that fashion when approached with a philosophical mindset, has the potential to serve as a vessel for self-expression and introspection. Each piece created is imbued with intention and designed to provoke thought and contemplation.

At the heart of Abc. lies a commitment to craftsmanship and quality. We understand that fashion is not merely about clothing; it is a language through which we communicate with the world. Our capsules, projects, and collections encourage deliberate choice and foster a sense of exclusivity, valuing quality over quantity. By curating a wardrobe that aligns with our values, we can challenge the prevailing culture of excess and promote a more sustainable and considered approach to fashion.