Albino & Preto


  • Albino & Preto NBA collection
  • NBA-branded kimonos and tee shirts
  • Limited edition NBA Allstar capsule
  • Distribution exclusively on Albino & Preto DTC website


Albino & Preto’s history was paved through generations of a sport introduced by Japanese and Brazilian culture. The mark embodies the journey we stand for. Albino stands for White and Preto stands for Black, in Portuguese, which represents the levels of belt ranks.

As a beginner, you start at white and progress to blue, purple, brown, and black. As a black belt, you then once again become a white belt, having to adapt to knowing that you are now a role model. the highest level anyone can receive is the Red Belt. Visually, the path starts in the center of the A. Here you see a triangle representing the history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu methods and discipline.

This line continues as a full non-broken path trailing to the center of the P in Preto. The end cap of the P is rounded and naturally circles our attention around to start the “relearning” of the discipline, thus always progressing in the mental and physical academia.