Cristina Martinez & Al-Baseer Holly


  • Artists Cristina Martinez & Al-Baseer Holly each created art to be applied to hooded sweatshirts for the 3 NBA teams in their individual signature styles
  • Cristina Martinez: Bulls, Suns, & Nets
  • Al-Baseer Holly: Lakers, Knicks, and 76ers
  • Distribution via the NTWRK App


Cristina Martinez is an artist from Tacoma, Wa – based in Seattle. Though her formal foray into the art world was in fashion illustration, she was inevitably driven to more expansive forms of self-expression, self-exploration and articulations of self-love through painting—from thought-provoking self-portraits to boundless abstract pieces. Naturally, much of her work is the perfect amalgamation of her love for both creating on a canvas and at a sewing machine.

Beginning her prolific journey as an artistically-inclined child, in Tacoma, WA, her creative expression from a young age was rooted in the richness of her Black and Mexican heritage. The progeny of the strong women of her bloodline, her inheritance of feminine power, resilience, and sisterhood is exhibited in much of her art. This recurring theme, in her art, of finding beauty in the unexpected, often at the lowest depths, is an idea she lives and encourages in others.


Philadelphia born artist Al-Baseer Holly (ABH) is best known for paying a tribute to childhood memories through his brightly hued paintings that colorfully blend pop culture figures with street art aesthetic. His works reveal playful energy of the artist’s regular rite of cartoon viewing on Saturday mornings, evoking a sense of nostalgia and state of lacking the constraints of rules and regime. ABH uses iconic characters, juxtaposing their imagery with a variety of abstract representations. His works were exhibited nationwide and has attracted the attention of Tommy Hilfiger, Beyonce, and Rita Ora.