About Distordedd

Anhia Zaira Santana aka Distortedd is a Philly-born visual artist, illustrator and animator. Armed with a pen, a paintbrush, a canvas or a sketchpad, she creates her own original characters as well as twists on pop culture fixtures. She has showcased her talents digitally, being covered by esteemed outlets like Philadelphia Inquirer, Complex, Highsnobiety, Tumblr, Harper’s Bazaar, Fader, Genius and The Source.

She has worked with brands like Reebok on an official sneaker collab, Topps, Mattel, Spotify, Foot Locker, Champs, Mountain Dew, adidas, Amazon Prime, Polaroid, Nike and Puma. She released her first collectible figurine in 2023.  She has also produced music videos for notable musicians worldwide such as the legend, MF Doom.

The Inspiration

“My vision for this collection was to apply my creativity as an artist to the team mascots and logos through the lens of engineering and machinery. Each team has a collection of components (players) to execute a shared vision or task (win) with the precision of a well-oiled machine.”

“The mascots for sports teams are very interesting to me. It’s such a fun concept – specially animals, like the Eagles, their emotions from excitement to rage are fun to illustrate.  When I think about sports, I see how passionate and emotional fans are during and after games about their teams.  I love that raw emotion, it reminds me of how passionate people can be for whatever it is that brings them joy, as art does for me.”